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Isaac Callihan


December 14, 2020

World's Best Hip Stretch

The World's Best Hip Flexor Stretch

If you sit, stand, walk, run, or just basically exist, this is THE stretch for you!Its helps to relax every part of your body but mainly those muscles known as the hip flexors which when tight can cause from slight discomfort in the lower back all the way up to crippling pain.Lie on your back with one leg up on a box, a chair, or the couch. Tuck your chin down and press your low back into the floor. the Goal is to press as much body onto the floor as you can. There are two pictures below. The first is the incorrect way to perform the stretch which represents what our bodies tend to look like when we sit for extended periods of time without paying much attention to our posture. The second picture represents what we want you to do in the active portion of the stretch.

As you perform the stretch make sure you are taking deep breaths allowing your body to fully relax into the stretch.Every 3 to 5 minutes flex your quad of the leg flat on the ground. If you feel the flex begin at the top of the knee the hip flexors are still engaged, do not come out of the stretch until you feel the initial flex from the middle of the quad then switch sides. One side may be tighter than the other so it may take a little longer to release. The first time I did this stretch my left leg took 32 minutes to release and my right one only 10 minutes so be patient. The more often you do it the less time it will take each time to loosen up.

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