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Heather Benek


June 18, 2024

Dom's Dream Outcome

It's time to meet Domonique, styling sample coordinator extraordinaire!

Domonique, 33, is one of those radiant humans who decided this would be her metamorphosis year and made it happen in every way, from her physical health to her mental health, she crushed it. You want to know how to work hard, play hard, and take care of yourself and relationships, look to Domonique.

When Domonique arrived, her goal was to learn to fuel her body to feel great, not just to “be skinny”. She wanted to feel confident in food choices during social eating and while traveling. She also wanted to reduce her visceral fat level (the fat we all have around our organs) to reduce her risk of preventable disease.

She said she would know she had met her goal when she was regularly meal planning and coming home from work knowing what she would have for dinner.

Domonique was working out hard at the gym but not seeing the results she wanted in her body or energy and she knew she had to address how and what she was eating to thrive as she was meant to.

At Pittsburgh FIT, she has been working with Heather in a 1-on-1 nutrition coaching capacity, to develop specific habits to increase her nutrition intake and reduce foods and habits that depleted her.

Domonique aimed to have at least 30 grams of protein and a veggie with each meal. She started reading food labels to get rid of ingredients that didn’t fit her value system, prioritized her sleep and was active each day for a minimum of 45 minutes plus 3 or more intense gym workouts per week.

Domonique saw her body tone, and fast. Currently she is down 10lbs and went from a visceral fat level of 15 to 12!

Caring well for her body rippled out to other areas in her life, Domonique now only has alcohol on special occasions, she is committed to learning something new each month, prioritizes reading over doom scrolling, and sets boundaries to protect her time and creating relationships that nourish her. PLUS, her positive choices have rippled out to inspire her friends!

Domonique is working to build muscle and continuing to elevate her current habits

She is excited about continuing to take cooking classes and a class in which she’ll upcycling a ballgown!

From Domonique herself:
"Now the snack table doesn’t phase me anymore if I want a bag of chips, I have a bag of chips. I am the person I wanted to be when I started nutrition coaching and that feels really exciting. I don’t know how long it would have taken me to get here without Heather's help. I realized that when you eat the right things in the morning, it sets the precedent for the whole day

If you find yourself moved by Domonique's story, I would love to chat with you.

Everyone that starts at Pittsburgh FIT does so with a simple conversation. We want to figure out where you're at, and how to get unstuck.

CLICK HERE to book a time to meet with me (Heather!).

I'm looking forward to it.

PS - "Ingestion of approximately 25–30g of protein per meal maximally stimulates muscle protein synthesis in both young and older individuals.” - Douglas Paddon-Jones and  Blake B. Rasmussen

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