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April 1, 2024

Training Plan - April 2024

We got through March in one piece, but man, did it have a whole host of fitness benchmarks for us! We started the month off by finishing the final two weeks of the CrossFit Open. Hopefully, everyone was able to throw down and get a little better from last year!

The previous month also saw practice with the Strict Pull-Up and Handstad Holds and Walk practice to get us more comfortable/ efficient with those movements. We then tackled our St. Patrick’s Day-themed workout + a long-time fan favorite…Fran!

These workouts paved the way to the final week of the month: Leading Ladies Week! During this week, we hit a new Workout of the Week each day named after influential women…this week was tough, but it is the perfect way to put a cherry on top of most of our “competitive” fitness season and get us back into the training for longevity mindset.

April is going to kick off our next strength cycle, and it’s all about VOLUME!

We are going to be working higher rep strength sets for the Overhead Squats or Front Squat and Bench Press. This strength cycle will culminate with a 3-Rep Heavy attempt to see how much volume work has paid off.

This cycle should be thought of as building muscular endurance, which will carry over into workouts, so even if you are not lifting weights that are as heavy as our last strength cycle, there is still growth happening, I promise!

Some other highlights include our April benchmark: The Filthy Fifty, a new Hero Workout, a return of the benchmark Ava, and our retest of everyone's favorite and most aptly named workout: Death Row!

We will see a focus on Strict Handstand Push-ups throughout April to complement/ build on the inverted work we practiced in March. Since we are working on Towing Capacity, athletes can expect to see 2 Grind-Style low RPE longer workouts weekly to help build up that long distance motor and build some mental grit to get you ready for the 2024 Summer Sizzler!

The last point will be starting this year's Murph Prep to gear everyone up for Memorial Day Murph.

This will start the final week of April and carry us through May right up to the week of Memorial Day!

These workouts will be optional out-of-class extra credit! If anyone is unsure of how to implement these extra credit pieces, talk to your coaches for guidance and remember a little goes a long way.

These workouts can be moved around based on how you are feeling, or if you miss a day, just be mindful of overall volume, and when in doubt, ask a coach! With all this to look forward to, let's stop waiting around and get to training, I’ll see you in the gym!  

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