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August 4, 2021

Train with a Purpose

It can be hard to keep a consistent training schedule. One of the biggest factors for many people is motivation. For some, it’s finding the motivation to start. For others, it’s continuing to train when you hit a plateau. Regardless of the reason, we acknowledge to struggle, and we feel it too. If you really think about it, and ask yourself, “what is the catalyst for my motivation,” what is your answer? Why do you train? There is a very easy answer hidden behind all of the others. Behind improving “X” lift by 10%, or burning more calories, or losing weight, or getting more jacked, there is a universal motivator.Training to get better. Better at what? That’s up to you. Better patience. Better will power. Better at controlling your mind. Better at communicating. Better at controlling your body. Regardless of what it is, these are all things that can be touched upon during your workout. Pacing is patience. Focusing on your position and breath helps us learn to control our mind and body, and to teach them to support each other. Understanding what you’re being asked to do, that sounds like communication. Training to get better sounds alot like setting goals, right? Ha! Gotcha. It is. Setting and working towards goals is a proven way to hold onto that elusive motivation, and to continue to… wait for it… get better. Setting goals changes the reward at the end of a workout. That reward shouldn’t be to close the rings on your iphone. It shouldn’t be to have a higher strain than your buddies on whoop, and it sure as hell shouldn’t be to “stay in the fat-burning zone” for an hour or to look like so-and-so from instagram. No. It should be to feel better, whatever that means to you. It should be something that is personal, to you. It doesn’t even have to be centered around fitness, because the gym isn’t just about fitness either. It’s about health - mental & physical - and your health is definitely not defined by energy expenditure or digital readouts. Remember that the next time you scroll through instagram or look at your wrist. Interested in a goal-setting session with one of our coaches?

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