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Grace Dickinson


April 25, 2024

The Role of a Personal Trainer

Getting a Personal Trainer is a fantastic way for an individual to achieve their fitness goals. Personal trainers have a expertise with fitness and exercise, sure, but also general health, nutrition, and lifestyle tips to optimize your well-being!

So what exactly can a Personal Trainer do for you?

Before even beginning working with a client, to become a personal trainer you have to get certified. This can happen through a variety of different certifications and collegiate degree programs.

PS - Did you know that our team at Pittsburgh FIT has over 30 certifications and more than 50 years of coaching experience?

The commonality between all of these trainings is acquiring knowledge about human anatomy, physiology, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and more. After learning, there's an exam for you to prove your skills! Once the test is passed, they are now able to start working with clients.

What does your first session with a Personal Trainer look like?

During the first session, your trainer will get to know the client, aka you! It is important to go over any past injuries and limitations to help the client stay out of pain or get out of pain. The trainer will want to inquire about the specific goals the client has. And then a short assessment should be performed. This allows the trainer to watch for movement patterns, range of motions, starting strength and cardiovascular capacity, and potential imbalances or asymmetries. This is all so that we can create a perfect plan designed specifically for you, your needs, and your wants.

From here, the trainer and client discuss how often the client will come in for sessions as well as make a plan for the days they are not coming into the gym. We call this an accountability plan. The personal trainer then creates a workout program for that client based on their specific goals. The goal of that program is to challenge the client but is able to be maintained for the long haul to gently increase fitness over time.

At this point the trainer and client keep building their relationship. The personal trainer will the client accountable, both to their schedule and the goals set out at the initial meeting...and help keep their clients motivated.

They continue to check in with the client on their current goals as well as keep them injury free. They perform constant research in the field to stay up to date and be aware of fitness fads going on. They play an essential role keeping clients healthy and happy.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, CLICK HERE to book a FREE Personal Training Assessment with our team!

Hope to see you in the gym soon!


Grace Dickinson
Personal Trainer
Pittsburgh FIT

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