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Greg Morgan


July 5, 2021

The RCT and Me

June 2021 The RCT and Me.This year has been wild. The lock down inspired my friend (a madman aka Mark) to do Murph over and over again. (Again, this isn’t me, it’s some other madman) This led me to joining him in adventures such as training for Murph. This involved a lot of weighted runs. For those of you not familiar with the Rachel Carson Trail Challenge, it’s a 36.8 mile trail that connects Harrison Hills Park to North Park. You can learn more about it BY CLICKING HEREThe Challenge is to complete the entire trail in a day. Many people run the trail, Many people also hike. I have done this 3 times prior, in a variety of conditions, good weather, bad weather, mud… Each time I was hiking. Alas, the stars aligned this year and I was able to take on the course again. My time here at Pittsburgh Fit has maybe inflated my head a little bit so I decided to hike the trail with the weighted vest.At first it was fine. Just a walk in the park. After I came across an old acquaintance on the trail we decided to jog/run/walk to the first rest station of the trail, where I would then wait for the other members of my team to continue onward. After the first 7 miles my shoulder was aching most from the back pack straps. After about 15 miles my knees were starting to ache fairly consistently. Around mile 21 the balls of my feet felt like they were starting to blister. There was a point on the trail where my Mum had met me by a road crossing; This was roughly mile 32. It was at this point that I was so close to the end, only 4 or so miles to go. I didn't stay long with her. Had to press on. At this point there was no doubt that I would finish, but how? In a slow agonizing ache? Or just say Screw It? I said Screw it. At this point in time it was all just mental. My body was aching, my feet felt like they were on fire. The weight vest never got any less heavy but the finish line drawing near was the only goal. Head down, light feet, on the move. “On your left!” keep running, “That’s a big hill (crying face emoji)” keep running. The psychological battle was the most important one to win. Don’t let doubt come between you and your goals. You have to push through the hard times to make it to the victories at the end! Was it a great idea? Probably not. My foot still hurts a little bit. But will I do it again next year? 100 %. With the vest. And try to run the whole thing. (Yolo) Greg Morgan

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