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Isabel Tashima


March 25, 2024

Summer Camp - Grade 6-8

It's time to sign up for the Pittsburgh FIT Youth Fitness Summer Camp!

June 24th - June 28th
Monday - Friday
9:30AM - 3PM

*Limited to 12 Spots

2024 marks 10 years of youth-focused training at Pittsburgh FIT and we couldn't be more excited about this year's summer camp!

Led by Coach Isabel, the primary focus of our 5-Day Summer Camp is to teach proper body mechanics through the six fundamental movement patterns and get them excited about moving their bodies!

Students will focus on developing quality movement while also adding in speed, agility, strength, coordination, and overall power training to build confidence around exercise. No matter if they are all-star athletes or have never done a single push up or sit up, our staff meet students right where they are and support them every step of the way. 

Students will participate in a wide variety of functional training activities including

Daily Fitness Challenges
Whole-Health Education Seminar
Age Appropriate Workouts
Team Building Activities

New skills are introduced in seminar form throughout the week with ample time for demonstration and exploration. Students will learn the “how” and “why” of each lift and then be coached in how to perform it. Skills are developed throughout the week and evolve from simple to complex and are paired with a steady increase in intensity.

In addition to lifting seminars, students learn skills like how to tape an ankle, take part in a food tasting with one of our nutritionists, and participate in a goal setting session where we find our “why” as it relates to health and fitness.

Throughout the week there is a large emphasis on mindset, breathing, and stress management to develop the inner athlete’s ability to handle the demands of a higher tier of physical activity. We hear from coaches on how mindfulness plays a role in their training and practice different forms of meditation and yoga! 

By the end of camp, students will have a strong foundation of strength training, coordination, accuracy, and endurance that will set them up for success in the sport of their choice or the physical demands of life.

This camp is designed for NON-ATHLETES as well as sports-focused youth. Our program is a great way to nurture your child's love for activity in a low-pressure environment and be surrounded by body-positive and energetic staff.

Students will learn how to approach new challenges and obstacles safely and have fun while doing it!

So CLICK HERE to sign your student up!

*This program is not 6 hours of non-stop movement. We designed our program around 30-45 minute bouts of focused physical activity separated by education, learning activities, and low-intensity movement.

**This program is limited to 12 campers to maximize hands-on time with our staff and optimize student-counselor ratios.

Want to learn more? Check out a video by our FORMER Youth Program Director, Town!

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