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Isaac Callihan


January 19, 2022

Posture - The Secret performance Enhancer

Texting on your phone, reading a book, sitting all day, there are multiple reasons we constantly are looking down, shoulders forward, hunched back, etc. This gives us that really bad, aesthetic slouched position we are all well to familiar with. With this positioning, we do not reap all the benefits of good posture.The vertebral column is the central skeletal component of our bodies. It is extremely important, made up of 33 vertebrae that hold the spinal cord, serves as an attachment site for many muscles, allows for upright posture and more. Naturally, the vertebral column is S-shaped. This allows for it to balance the weight of our head and body appropriately. When we start having bad posture, our spinal cord curves abnormally and results in more tension on our body. Tense, proper posture is very important and has a lot of benefits, to name a few: Anatomically correct

Good posture supports proper body alignment of tendons, bones, muscles and more. Our body is not designed by a mistake, it makes sense. With poor posture, our body has to work harder to do the things it was specifically designed to do.

Less pain

This can range from less pain in your neck, hip, back, and much more. Bad posture contributes to stress on your body, putting more tension and strain on it which can cause some of those aches and pains.

Promotes better movement:

The unideal rounded back position, for example, directly translates into how we move. We do not want to pull from that position, but rather that flat neutral spine seen from our ideal posture. Better posture leads to better movement which reduces risk of injury.

Better Breathing:

Your body is in a better position, being more upright allows more air into the lungs. When your lungs fill up with more air, it is easier to breath.

Better appearance: We’ve all seen bad posture before. Good posture looks and makes you feel more confident. You’ll appear taller and look better.

Make a goal for yourself and focus in on your posture throughout the day! --Grace Dickinson

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