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Grace Dickinson


June 13, 2024

Personal Training for Seniors

Personal Training is designed to provide an exercise program for an individual based on their specific wants and needs.

And in our case, we have a specialty of working out with the 55+ crew!

Movement is necessary to maintain a quality of life for people of any age, including seniors! So what does this look like? Let's get into it!

Programming for seniors does not have to look all that different from younger people. Rather than looking at a chronological age, it is more important to look at their fitness age, or how long they have/ have not done activity in the past.

At Pittsburgh FIT, our focus for training centers around balance, functional movements like sitting down and picking things up, and using resistance training to minimize age-related decline.

There are a few things to think about in terms of seniors related to changes that naturally occur. Some of these include a lower bone mineral density and less muscle mass. Connective tissue flexibility lessens with age as well as balance worsens. Also be mindful of heart rate. Seniors typically will have a lower maximum heart and less cardiac output.

As with any new client, we always start with an assessment on the individual. This allows us to track progress closely and make adjustments as necessary based on the individual, not some pre-made one-size-fits-all approach.

Every workout will take into account your specific strengths and weaknesses. Our trainers and client also talk about goals together to make sure that both our plans are in alignment! From there a program is established. It is important the program progresses in a way that is suitable and maintainable for the client.

So do not let your age get in the way of getting fit and staying fit. Seniors are a great fit for personal training at Pittsburgh FIT. There are a ton of exercises and workouts that are completely safe to perform and will help slow the natural causes of aging.

If you're a senior and you're looking for a way to get fit, we want to meet you!

Visit (or click the link in our bio) to book a free intro so we can come up with a fitness and health plan together!


Grace Dickinson

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