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March 2, 2022

Journey to the Question of the Day

The question of the day has quickly become the best part of everyone’s Fun Friday™ at Pittsburgh Fit. This is a responsibility I take extremely seriously. The questions are deep, thought provoking, and often touch

people spiritually. The number one question I get in response, is “Ryan, how do you come up with such intelligent and amazing questions”? Today I will reveal my source for these questions. I want to stress that the journey to discovering these questions is not for the faint of heart.

The search for the questions started over 10 years ago deep in the himalayan mountains. I was studying under a trained martial arts master by the name of Ra’s Al Ghul. While training my mind and body was tested against every obstacle known to man. But that came to an end once I found out Ra’s true intentions. He wanted to steal the Declaration of Independence, claiming that there was a code on the back, something to unlock the truths of mankind.

I had to stop him, so I fled. I ran for 3 days 10 hours 8 minutes and 43 seconds before finding refuge. I was taken in by a man named Chris. He asked why I was so distressed. When I explained he asked me what I was going to do about it.

“What is your goal Ryan”

“Chris, my goal is to save the world”

That goal setting session with Chris saved me, and all of humanity. Chris then gave me a fist bump, and sent me on my way.

With my newfound drive, I sailed across the sea and went to find the Declaration of Independence. I infiltrated the secret underground bunker holding all precious United States artifacts. I had done it, I had the Declaration of Independence. Even though I had succeeded in stopping my old master, I had to know what he was after. So I read the back.

It read: The chosen one must go to Egypt and fulfill the prophecy.

Was it me? Am I the chosen one? Yes.

I headed to Egypt following the instructions exactly, and found myself at the bottom of Mount Sinai. I scaled the mountain and was on the top for 2 years. Word spread of my journey, and a following began to grow at the base of the mighty peak. On the 730th day I emerged. I came down with stone tablets etched with the world's most valuable questions. With this valuable information in hand I fled to the safest place I know to protect them, South Oakland. That brings us to now, where I am still searching for the answers to the world’s most important questions.

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