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Greg Morgan


September 9, 2021

Feel the Burn

Sometimes you like to “go hard in the paint” (I think that's a basketball idiom but I'm not entirely sure because I only played basketball for about 5 minutes in 4th grade and I'm pretty sure I played left back… on the bench). Either way, the expression holds true to working out and sometimes you get a strain or ache. There is a lot of science behind how to treat injuries but I’d like to take a minute, so just sit right there; about how to heal your tissues using cold, or in this case, hot air!I’m not a nurse, doctor, or physical therapist AT ALL. So take this with a grain of salt. Fortunately my injuries are usually overuse type injuries. For example my most recent was a strain in my shoulder from doing several workouts sequentially on the same joint. The first workout involved many toes-to-bar (or as I like to call them toes-to-barf), 24 hours later there was a workout with what seemed to be a billion pull ups (which I kipped). Then went rock climbing at The Climbing Wall that weekend and needless to say all that extreme extension on my shoulder made it unhappy. Noticing a tweak in the soft tissues and resting for 4-5 days from arm work and doing only leg days I decided it felt good enough that I could try to do a workout with (if you read my previous blog you know what mad man I’m about to talk about. *COUGH*MARK* ahem, excuse me) my friend! That morning we did many reps of upper body push and pull. Later that day I was having a hard time (here comes an Anthony word) “supinating” my left hand while the arm was fully extended to my side.What did I do? I jumped in an infrared sauna! After nearly drowning in sweat for about 20 minutes and keeping my arm near the heaters. I felt not only incredibly relaxed but the shoulder felt loose. It would take a scientist to explain it but here is some information on how heat soothes aches over time. Dr. Rhonda Patrick has lots of information about the health benefits of sauna use. She has videos and articles about how heat stress can actually lead to living longer. Check her out on youtube! The following morning I was able to get full palm supination with minimal pain. What else am I doing to prevent injuries like this, you ask? I’m using the sauna more often, resting from excessive use of that joint, and waiting for that one mad man to take it easy on me. (But we both know I don’t want that) Greg Morgan

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