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Isaac Callihan


November 4, 2021

Drink More Water

Water is life. Similar to the way an engine malfunctions with low levels of coolant, the body can malfunction without proper water intake. If you don't drink enough water, you become dehydrated, which leads to undesirable side effects. However, if you drink more water, there are many remarkable benefits. (As a disclaimer for all you coffee drinker out there yes there is water in coffee but do not count that as your daily intake!)

  1. It's Good for Your Mind

Water, or lack of water, can influence the brain. Even mild levels of dehydration can interfere with your mood and functioning, especially in young children and older loved ones, or on hotter days when there's a greater risk of heat stroke. Dehydration can affect concentration, alertness, and short-term memory, and can cause fatigue.

  1. It Can Improve Physical Performance

When you sweat during exercise, you lose some of your body weight, leading to dehydration if you don't replenish the fluids. This can alter physical performance and endurance, leading to exhaustion and the inability to regulate your own body temperature. If you drink more water and stay hydrated while exercising, you can reverse these deficits and perform at your peak.

  1. It Can Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

The kidneys control water balance and blood pressure, and also expel waste from the body. By drinking more water, you support normal kidney function, which increases the amount of urine that passes through your kidneys and flushes toxins from your body. Boosting you water intake also helps prevent the buildup of minerals that can cause kidney stones.4. It Keeps Things MovingWater is critical for digestion. It prevents constipation and keeps the bowels moving by helping to process soluble fiber and fat. Staying hydrated also helps to eliminate toxins from the body, which can damage the gut by causing inflammation and irritation. Drinking more water can also aid with weight loss. Studies have shown that it can boost the metabolism.If you struggle finding the time to consume water because you have not made it part of your daily routine here are some helpful hints to get you started:1.Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go and try to drink multiple water bottles full a day2.Add fruit slices to it to jazz up the flavor.3.Spread your water consumption out through the day do not chug it at the end of the day or just at the beginning. Try to drink continuously throughout the day.4.Stay diligent eventually when you start drinking more water your body will thank you and crave it more making daily water consumption second nature.Isaac Callihan

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