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March 27, 2023

You Can't PR Every Day

Everyone enjoys having the opportunity to write their name on the PR board after hitting a new deadlift max or achieving their first pull-up. I can admit that after 10 years of training, I never get tired of the thrill and adrenaline rush that comes with hitting a new PR. However, here’s the reality of the situation, you cannot PR every time you want to PR

Over the past 10 years, I would like to take a gander and say that I have missed more 1 rep max attempts than 1 rep max attempts that I have successfully completed. This makes sense though. On the days that you hit a new 1 rep max, these are the days that you feel your best, your sleep was probably dialed in, you fueled yourself properly, and honestly, you had a little bit of luck on your side. As we increase our training age (train for longer periods of time) we PR less frequently and the PRs become smaller and smaller. I mean, if I hit a 1 lb. PR on my bench press, I am pumped!

When I go into a heavy lifting session where the goal is to hit a heavy single for that day, my mindset is a little bit different now, instead of thinking “ I’m going to PR today!” My mindset is to hit a weight that is within 10% of my current 1 rep max, UNLESS I feel good, then I keep going. Ultimately though, for me, the goal is to work up to a heavy single, and I know that not every day is a PR day, those are few and far between, but if I can stay within 10% of my current 1 rep max, then I am doing okay and that is a “win” for the day and I am in the right course. PRs happen on our best days, that's when we can hit our 100% max or increase our 1 rep max by lifting more, but not every day is going to be our best day.

However if you’re finding it difficult to stay within 10% of your max, then this might be a good indicator to use to decide if you need to make changes with your lifestyle. What does that look like you may ask, well, are you fueling yourself properly before workouts? Are you getting enough quality sleep? How is your overall nutrition and are you getting enough protein? Are you training enough or too much? Do you need to reassess your goals around your training? All of these questions are valid and are difficult to have dialed in on a day to day basis when you have work, family, social commitments, hobbies, and anything else that you have to do on a daily or weekly basis.

Know that it is normal not to PR every time you are going for a 1 rep max. Know that every coach at PittsburghFIT has failed more 1 rep attempts than successfully completing a 1 rep max attempt. Not every day is a great day. That is okay, but what is not okay is not showing up. Stay consistent with your training, do your best around your nutrition and your sleep schedule, know that rest days are just as important as training days, and have goals. Set realistic goals for yourself, so that you have motivation to continue training and to appreciate the process rather than expecting rewards that will not come when you do not commit yourself to the training process.

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