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June 11, 2024

Workout of the Day - Biking and RPE 8

🚴‍♂️ Today's Fitness Adventure

Get ready for a dynamic chipper workout that's all about balance and progression. The first half focuses on higher volume lower skill reps, while the second half ups the skill level!

Your mission: maintain an RPE 8 on the Bike, keep a steady pace on the Box Jumps, and tackle Pull Ups in manageable sets of around 10. This ensures you stay moving efficiently without burning out too quickly. Think of it as a journey where you start with endurance and finish with finesse.

📚 Today's Moves:

Today’s primary teaching points will center around progressing from a Jumping Pull Up to Chest to Bar Pull Ups. The key here is mastering a strong hip drive before the pull and engaging your lats with straight arms!

Our warm up today will focus on activating those specific muscle groups in the right order to make sure all the gears are well greased before jumping in. By emphasizing the basics, you'll build a solid foundation for more advanced movements, setting yourself up for success in the workout.

⏱️ Timed Challenge

The workout is designed to last 22 minutes, with a 10-minute finisher, totaling 32 minutes of active effort today. Effort-based workouts are about sustaining a pace that you can maintain throughout. Aim to complete the workout within 18-22 minutes, with top performers finishing under 18 minutes. The pace should be challenging but sustainable, allowing you to push hard without hitting a wall too soon.

🏆 Strategy and Tips

Approach the Box Jumps at a pace that allows you to control your breathing after the Bike. Remember, take an extra second to prep before the first box jump every time! Break the Pull Ups into sets that prevent failure, aiming for repeatable sets of 8-12 reps. This strategy helps you keep moving efficiently and avoid exhaustion. If you're feeling feisty or if pull-ups are your jam, don't be afraid to push towards redline and keep the sets bigger. Your arms will have time to recover during the jumping and biking!

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