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December 19, 2019

Warm Up for Sport

Coaching Tips - Warming Up for Sports

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We know sports. From middle and high school, to D1 to professionals. We’ve worked with all levels. All of our coaches are former high level athletes. It’s in our blood.

Every athlete has a goal, and our goal is to over deliver.

We want them to improve in their sport as well as in their life. Our athletes are built to be resilient allowing them to spend more time on the skill of sport and less time in the gym.

When it comes to coaching, specialization is key when it comes to youth athletics. Athletes should not specialize themselves, but the people taking care of them need to focus on what they do best. Each of our coaches has an area of expertise across Sports Medicine, Bodybuilding, Power Training, and Sport-Specific Programming.

As an athlete-centric fitness program, of course we want all athletes to come to us for strength and conditioning, but that’s not always a possibility. We wanted to share our philosophy to allow sports coaches of all ages to develop better youth athletes with more robust body systems. These athletes will be able to workout longer, train harder, and avoid injury.

The path of athletic development is the same as general health development. The first step is knowledge of nutrition. The core of health is what food goes into your body. Next, general movement patterns (squat/deadlift/push/pull/lunge/twist) need to be established. We teach this in formal instructive sessions, and use games and conditioning drills to reinforce the desired skills. We call this technique and test it under controlled levels of distress. Only when a consistent level of training has been sustained and the athlete shows proficiency with basic movement patterns, do we add in higher level strength training and power.

The program we’d like to see initiated more than any other is a proper warm up. Multi-element progressive dynamic warm ups have been show to decrease injury rates by up to 60%.

You can find the written document of the warm up at the link below. There are also videos walking you through the entirety of the warm up.

Written Form → Download the Warm Up Program HERE

Warm Up for Sport - Day 1          

Warm Up for Sport - Day 2

The best strategy we’ve found is to teach the warm up to the most senior athletes in your group, and have them lead the team through it. While the warm up is going on, you as the coach, focus on movement correction.

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