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Jami Reighard


March 29, 2021

Strategies to Improve Training Consistency

Hitting the gym consistently is harder than people think. We are all busy, and during COVID, our schedules can be kinda loose. ZOOM calls, remote projects, overbearing managers or making sure your kids get their math homework finished, and finished correctly can really eat up a lot of your time. All of these things contribute to stress, and if you’re not getting your daily RX of fitness, that stress can really add up. Below are a few strategies to help you stay on track, even when life goes off the rails.1 - Be honest with yourself about how much time you can actually spend at the gym, and set your workouts up like you would a meeting.I made this #1 because I believe it’s the most important item in the list. Being honest with yourself can relieve some of the stress we experience around missing a workout. If you know you have a busy week, your kids have soccer games and your boss is going on vacation next week, why would you tell yourself you need to workout 5 times that week? Instead, tell yourself you need to workout 3 times, and take your kids and the dog for a nice long walk 2 times during lunch. Now you have some fun, active family time away from screens and out in the sun, and you can feel satisfied when your 3x week gym goal was accomplished at the week’s end, because you had the time set aside to accommodate a realistic training schedule. Plus, ONLY working out 3x per week is better than NOT working out 5 times a week, right? I thought so.2 - Do things outside the gym to supplement your training.We don’t workout just to be able to workout more - we workout so that we can live a vital, active life for a very long time. We squat so that we can go on long hikes with our family or go skiing when that first perfect snowfall hits. We do pull-ups so that we can go rock climbing with our buddies. We do burpees so that we can get up and down off of the floor to play with our kids, our grandkids or our dogs until we’re old and gray. If we’re improving our fitness so we can do these things, why wouldn’t you include them IN your training? Do it! Not only will it be a fun change in training, it will also help keep you from getting burnt out. Varying training styles and stimulus is one of the best ways to ensure a long, healthy relationship with the gym.3 - Sleep more.You might think, “but if I sleep more, that’s less time to workout, right?” Kinda, I guess. But, a tired athlete is an underperforming athlete, invariably. If you are exhausted when you get to the gym, how do you expect to perform to the best of your abilities? You can’t. The more you sleep, the better you’ll feel. The better you feel, the better you’ll move. If you sleep more, you’ll be able to lift more, to move faster and you’ll feel better. You might even find some of those old aches and pains you associated with a certain movement were actually caused from a lack of sleep. I can speak from experience - after nights that I sleep well, my back, my knees and my shoulders feel WAY better in the gym.4 - Workout in the morning.The earlier you workout, the less chance there is for your day to get away from you. Get up early, slam back a coffee and a light breakfast and head to the gym. Our classes start at 6AM. Erika is a helluva coach. I hear that sometimes there is country music, but I don’t really know. I’m usually sleeping then :)

- Jami Reighard


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