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August 10, 2023

HUGE Client Wins - We had to share!

Melody Melody had an amazing month! Not only did she accomplish her first ever double unders, BUT also went 3 for 3 on her lift 1RMs!!! She improved her deadlift, squat, and bench press! She has remained consistent with completing her lifestyle design workouts, along with meeting with her coach for personal training sessions with Erika, and is dialing in her nutrition strategies with her Nutrition Coach, Heather!

Bridget C
This woman knows how to show up for herself! Not only does she crush group classes regularly but she chose to level up how she fuels her body through nutrition coaching. Bridget has prioritized protein intake, increased her veggie consumption, and consistently been cooking at home. And if you want tips on how to rock healthy habits while traveling, Bridget is your girl! She exemplifies focusing on what is in her control and having fun without compromising the nutritional needs of her body. You’ve shown up for yourself beautifully, Bridget, congrats on graduating from the nutrition program at PittsburghFIT, keep crushing

Jodi B
PR ALERT! Jodi just added 10# to her previous back squat! She started a powerlifting cycle about eight weeks ago and she is now retesting her one rep maxes this week and she improved her bench press, strict press, and back squat (deadlift coming soon, not enough time to test this week)!!!.

While we're talking about coaches, Vee and Geremy FINALLY got their their first muscle ups this week in class.

Kelly M

Kelly was puts in the work!!! She accomplished more Double Unders today in a single set than she has in her entire life! One of the hardest (and most frustrating) skills to learn is the Double Under. The Double Under is when you jump rope and the rope makes 2 rotations around your body during a single jump. They are TOUGH! Yet, Kelly started the class strong by knocking some out during the warm up and then stuck with them into the workout!

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