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Erika Martin


March 20, 2024

How Personal Training Can Transform Your Health and Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered how to reach your goals in an efficient and effective manner?

Does trying to create your own fitness journey, seem overwhelming and unproductive, because you don’t know where to start or how to progress?

Then these are signs for you to start looking for a personal trainer.

Personal trainers don’t just teach you exercises and make sure you don’t hurt yourself, they keep you accountable to stay on track, they remind you of what your goals are and why you’re doing what you’re doing, they help push you to continue making the changes you want to be making and above all else they take the responsibility of creating the roadmap to helping you transform your health and lifestyle.

Personal Training is about you and getting you from where you are to where you want to be. That looks different for everyone, some may want to lose weight, some may want to gain muscle mass, some may just want to build confidence and feel good about their movement in a gym, or Increase energy levels so that they can play with their kids. Everyone has a different reason for investing in their health and wellness through Personal Training.

Personal Training will look different for everyone. The workouts are tailored towards your goals, your limitations, and your schedule. Group fitness is great, it helps a lot of people get to their goals, but it is a cookie cutter option, and although it will get you to your goals, it will not get you to your goals in the fastest most direct way, because they are designed for the general population.

Personal training is designed for you and only you, a personal trainer could see anywhere from 3 to 8 clients a day and every workout will look different for each client and that is because each client is different.

During this time you are not only there to work out, you also have the opportunity to talk to your coach and find ways to better your nutrition or optimize your daily routine to better suit your goals. The hour you spend with your personal trainer will not only get you to your goals and the most effective and efficient way, but you will also learn how to implement daily habits that will better your overall health and lifestyle for the long run.

- Coach Erika Martin

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