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August 7, 2023

August Programming Update

PS - Save the date -September 30th - 8AM-11AM
More details coming soon...but it's gonna be big

As we fall is fast approaching, we're thrilled to continue the momentum generated by our July Oly + Gymnastics Cycle. The journey of growth and achievement continues into August, where we have some exhilarating plans lined up.

Recap of July: Achievements Unlocked

July marked the start of our Olympic Lifting + Gymnastics Cycle. We amped up the intensity with dynamic SPRINT workouts, leaving us invigorated and stronger than ever. We tossed heavy weights around and flew through the air leaving us with a triumphant sense of accomplishment.

Elevating the Intensity: August Awaits

With the August here, our focus remains firmly on reaching the climax of our Oly Cycle. Prepare to challenge your limits as we progressively build percentages and gear up for retesting our 1RM Snatch + Clean & Jerk. The barbell conditioning workouts – Grace, Isabel, and Randy – are back on the radar for a retest, showcasing how our amplified strength translates into these demanding workouts.

As for the gymnastics cycle, get ready for an exciting shift in approach. While the initial phase honed in on singular movements, this cycle takes a holistic turn. We're delving into volume accumulation while incorporating both complementary and interfering movements. Picture this: a day centered around Ring Muscle-Ups might lead into a conditioning piece featuring DB Power Cleans + Ring Muscle-Ups. The challenge lies in efficiently transitioning from one pull movement to another, simulating the real demands of competitions, which are a BLAST!. It's all about getting battle-ready for any challenge that comes our way!

August Awaits: Your Workout Roadmap

Buckle up for a transformative month with our meticulously designed workout commitments:

Gymnastics Strength/Workout Focused Day Sharpen your gymnastics prowess with a day dedicated to honing your strength and skills.

Strength Focuses will be a snatch day, a clean day, and a jerk day - focused days cater to various essential lifts, to guide you through advancing your skills

Conditioning Focuses will mean one to two shorter sprint days and moderate-long days, and of course Partner Workout Saturdays with carefully crafted workouts of varying lengths, ensuring a well-rounded fitness journey.

With August ahead of us, the stage is set for an incredible month of growth, challenges, and triumphs. Let's embrace the journey, push our boundaries, and emerge stronger, together!

Get ready to own August!

Yours in strength, The Pittsburgh FIT Team

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