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Erika Martin


March 27, 2024

The Importance of Goal Setting in Personal Training

Goals look different for everyone, some people want to get stronger, some people want to have better aerobic capacity, some people want to deadlift 400 pounds, and others want to avoid injury while running a marathon. In other words, everyone has a different reason, for why they train and specifically why they train with a personal trainer. Everyone’s fitness journey is going to look different, therefore you need to establish a customized training program that is designed with you in mind.

Having goals is important in training, not only do they give your training more meaning and help you say motivated during the process, but they also allow for your personal trainer to put together a meaningful training program for you. When you share your goals with your personal trainer, this allows for your trainer to understand what the desired outcome of your training should look like for you. Once your trainer knows what the desired outcome looks like from your point of view, they can put together the road map to get you to that outcome. Along with that, they can also help you form achievable goals.

Many people start their fitness journey with expectations that are unreasonable, which then does not set them up for success, and will lead them to coming short of their goals, getting discouraged, and potentially quitting on their fitness journey. During your personal training sessions, your coach will communicate with you about realistic expectations of your training, which will help you to engaged and feeling successful along the path of your fitness journey. It’s great to have big goals and to reach for the stars but expectations need to be managed and proper timelines. Need to be set in place so that your fitness journey is sustainable and is a lifestyle change not just a 30 day fix.

Not only will your coach be able to help you by creating workouts that will help you get you to your goals, they will also remind you of your goals when you’re feeling unmotivated. There will be days that you will come into the gym and not feel like working out, this is normal and happens to everyone, so sometimes we need a reminder of why we are there and what we are working towards. Your personal trainer is there to help you along the way by helping you stay motivated, providing a training plan that is sustainable, and helping you set realistic expectations for yourself.

- Coach Erika Martin

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