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April 2, 2020

FREE Quality of Life Quarantine Challenge

UPDATEZoom Password: 288258Zoom Class Link: 5AM - 6AM - 7AM - 9:30AM - 12PM - 4PM - 5PM - 6PMSaturday: 9AM - 10AM Sunday: 9AM

Just because you're physically distant, doesn't mean you have to be alone!

REGISTER FOR THE CHALLENGE HEREJoin us for a 28-Day self improvement program!*You DO NOT have to be a member of Pittsburgh FIT or META Training to join the challenge! This program is open to friends and family of our members, and the public at large. These critical times call for unity, and this is our way of bringing our community together.*The only equipment required is a backpack (with some books) or a single pair of dumbbells :)This 4-Week challenge is designed to create and maintain good health habits while you're stuck at home.The program will be based around 4 categories:Mindset - Establish an growth-minded attitude to build resilienceNutrition - Eat food! Good food will help keep your mind and body working at maximum capacityExercise - Work out. Get your heart rate up, sweat, and stay ready for the Zombie ApocalypseCommunity - Connect with others. Socialization is good for your health!This program is designed for people of all levels of fitness and health, beginners and vets alike!Completing the Daily Challenges, working out 4x a week, and Completing 2 goal-setting sessions are create a pretty big change in your life!The challenge workouts and completion-based goals are meant to for people who have fitness experience and really want to push themselves in the 28 days of the program.Remember, everything is optional! We want you to make sustainable, long term lifestyle changes that will lead you to living a better QUALITY life!

Now, how do you get started?
Read your To-Do List below!
  1. Get Registered -->
  2. Make sure you can Log In to Triib -->
  3. Join our META Training HIIT at Home Facebook Group -->
  4. Download Zoom for your Computer or Smartphone -->
  5. Read the blog post with challenges for the day found here -->
  6. Join the Workouts Once Per Day -->*Our FREE Coach Led workouts are great for people of all fitness levels! Learn More HERE

That's it! Engage with our community. Workout with us. Have fun!We're all feeling the effects of isolation, so let's put our best foot forward in pulling our community together and rally over something we can do together!

 Not a member yet and don’t know where to start?Try our No-Sweat Intro!This FREE 20 minute consultation includes a tour of our amazing facility, a body composition scan, and a goal setting session to help you become the best you can be!Click the link below to schedule an appointment NOW!Click HERE to Schedule a Free Assessment Now :)

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